Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post no 2: MICRO-AID revolution against Micro-credit exploitation.

We reasonably stand against micro-credit system not to prove it useless but to provide a better solution to the problem. Our initiative will ensure an alternative source of fund to support the poor without any interest. We are going to introduce interest free “MICRO-AID” system to support the poor against micro-credit exploitation. Micro-credit business will be eliminated gradually through the introduction and expansion of micro-aid system throughout the world. The system is not dependent on foreign donation for any country. Micro-aid system may be adopted by any country for rapid elimination of poverty using internal resources without depending on foreign fund. We strongly recommend all the countries in the world become self dependent through poverty alleviation by micro-aid system which is also effective in developing internal resources by ensuring maximum utilization (instead exploitation) and participation of manpower in a country. A model of the micro-aid system is being formed in Bangladesh to reveal you the mechanism to be followed in your country.

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“because we dream for a hunger and poverty free dynamic world to explore the universe”

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